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Festival of Leaves 2016: The End.

Dear leaf lovers,

Autumn seems to be over, the leaves which are still clinging to their branches will soon be gone and the cold is taking over. I had an absolutely amazing time and I hope you did, too. I am so grateful for all of you who participated and hunted leaves for this challenge. Your pictures were so beautiful and making a little gallery out of them was probably my favourite part of the Mondays.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time if you are celebrating it, a happy New Year 2017 and I hope to see you all again next year! It was a pleasure hosting this challenge for so many talented photographers.

(some shameless self-promotion: I’m making a little Advent Calendar over on my blog verenacave.wordpress.com so you are getting a drawing a day! Also, you can read every text I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2016! About environment, art, books and so much more! A little read for the cold winter days…)


I wish you all the best

Lots of Love




Winner of Week 13

Is that really a question? I mean look at that picture, isn’t she just adorable? In all of those red leaves? It’s sweet and fun and something rather different than usual. A pure bundle of joy for those cold winter days that are before us.


Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 12


Next week is the last week, my friends!

Leaves are falling so quickly now, you have to be very lucky to find ones that are still in full colour. It’s so sad to see them fade, to see winter creeping in. I believe, though, that we had a wonderful time enjoying our pictures. Those photo galleries make me so happy!

Have a lovely week!


(Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo this year? I need a wordpress writing buddy! It’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with words every day 😉  )

Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 11

Dear Autumn Lovers!

After a tough week it seems like for all of you the sun has shown again. It seems, though, that autumn is slowly coming to an end… As I went for a walk yesterday and all the leaves were beautifully illuminated.

We have a new participant: Tish! https://tishfarrell.com/ Welcome!

I hope you are all having a nice week

Lots of love



Those galleries are always a highlight of my week 😉

Festival of Leaves 2015: Week 12 (final!)

Dear leaf and autumn lovers!

It’s nearly the end of november, the days are getting short and we have had a wonderful time full of colours. I really can’t thank you enough for taking part, for sharing your gorgeous leaves – it really means so much to me. Going through all the photos on this blog is amazing. Every time I think about how great it is to have glimpses of autumn from so many different places.

Last week there were so many of you participating and it makes me so happy to see how much you enjoy this little challenge.

This week is unfortunately the last one, there aren’t so many leaves left on the trees and I think it’s a good point to end it for this year. Now we can get excited for winter and Christmas!

Shadows and Colour (Traudel)

Mingling (Roberta)

What an end to the week (Jo)

A feathered friend (DailyMusings)

The last flowers (Angela)

Blue (Julie)

Golden floor (Dawn)

Autumn in New Jersey (Mar)

I have chosen Liquid Amber (Jude) as the winner of this week!

So go out for a walk and take your camera with you, show us one last beautiful leaf!

Please include this link in your post: https://festivalofleaves.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/festival-of-leaves-2015-week-12-final/

Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful contributions! xx


week 12

Festival of Leaves: Week 10

Well, as the winter is setting in (at least in the US :D) this is going to be the last week of our little festival. It has been so much fun, I really really enjoyed your pictures. It’s just so great receiving entries and talking about leaves and how to take photos of them and the stories behind them and… Yeah, just wonderful…

Because I froze my fingers today going to school by bike (without gloves!!!) I am not capable to take any more photos outside. Haha… No, I just liked this one and it’s a bit older one I took when there were still some leaves left on the trees.

The decision, which photo is going to ‘win’ this week was never harder I think, because I really loved all of them. But at the end I chose Jude!!

The participants this week were: Simone, Amanda, Alegna, Dawn, Roberta and Jude!! Thanks so much 🙂