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Winner of Week 13

Is that really a question? I mean look at that picture, isn’t she just adorable? In all of those red leaves? It’s sweet and fun and something rather different than usual. A pure bundle of joy for those cold winter days that are before us.



Winner of Week 11


It’s Jo!

Her collection of photos is amazing. Those aren’t all of them, have a look at the original post please ;). She pictures the long shadows of the trees, single colourful leaves in the grass. The shades are beautiful, the combination of macro photography and larger shots is nicely done. The featured one is my absolute favourite of the series. The contrasts and details are stunning, a great image! She shares the essence of autumn when it is still around.

Six Word Saturday

Winner of Week 10


Colours! I want to shout.
The cracked pink asphalt, this beautifully coloured leaf matching the ground so perfectly. The contrasts in Jude’s photo this week are perfect. The atmosphere a mix that reminds me both of hot summer days and ice cream and calm autumn evenings… Maybe because it was taken in Barcelona. This photo gives us so much and I adore it.

Winner of Week 8


Roberta has a photo for us this week that I fell in love with when I first saw it. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, she captured the essence of autumn. Sometimes there is beautiful blue sky and sunshine, a lot of times there is fog and rain and then there are those lovely leaves peaking through even the greyest of days. The contrasts are great, as is the composition. A really wonderful work and therefore winner of this week!

Winner of Week 7

It’s Ellen!

Her picture shows contrasts – of colour, of light, of time. Autumn and summer combined. She experiments with colour, with black and white, she shows us how simple beauty can be. Just a little brown leaf that fell on some flowers but wonderful in the composition.


Ellen: https://ellenolinger.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/festival-of-leaves-2016-week-7/