How to participate

You want to participate in this challenge?

It’s very easy:

Create a new post with your interpretation of leaves. Not just the coloured leaves in autumn – Be creative!

Please put your photo(s) first in your post, not the logo because if I reblog it, the logo is going to be big and the other pictures very small. Thanks 😉

Add the link of the current week (I create the post and it’s named Festival of Leaves: Week … ) in your post and I’ll get a pingback.

OR: just add your link in the comment section of my post…

Then I will reblog your post on the challenge’s site.

The winner of the week will always appear in the header of this blog.

You can also place the logo of this challenge in your sidebar, if you wish to.


34 thoughts on “How to participate”

    1. Thanks so much for participating, I really enjoyed your entry!
      You can post your link of the first post for every week, which is created by me and named ‘Festival of Leaves: Week…’ but you can also do it on every other page, that’s no problem 😉

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A Festival to Celebrate the Beauty of Leaves

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