Thankful Thursday: Autumn


Autumn – those wonderful days with a crisp chill in the air and cool breezes are a welcome relief to the sultry and humid days of summer. With brilliant blue sunny skies complimenting the trees with fiery red, orange, and golden leaves that fall and cover the ground so that you are surrounded with such a radiance that it makes your heart sing, it’s hard not to find myself standing in awe of this majestic and magical show that nature puts on every year.

But my body does not like autumn in New Jersey. In fact, starting September, my body starts to have allergic reactions to pollen and mold spores. Many times, it’s like hay fever – sneezing and watery eyes. And other times, I have full blown sinus and ear infections. Today, I have a headache with a twinge of nausea.

But even though, my body dislikes autumn, I…

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