Festival of Leaves 2015: Week 7

Hello and happy friday everyone!

There were so many wonderful pictures I saw this week, many more than usual, that is amazing! Thank you so much for taking part!!!

Traudel (Autumn Forest)

Jude (The Year’s Last Smile)

Julie (Wine Grapes)

Joseph (Deep Red)

Simone (Berries and Leaves)

Dawn (Dipped in Colour)

Jutta (Autumn Collage)

Roberta (Fall-ing for You)

And this week’s winner is: Daily Musings (Autumn Reflections)!!!!

By the way, I often created titles for your photos, I hope you like them. And of course you can always choose a heading I can then use for the post.

As always, please include this link: https://festivalofleaves.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/festival-of-leaves-2015-week-7/

I think we all deserve the weekend now and I hope you are all well, enjoying autumn’s colour feast.

See you again next week


week 7


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