Festival of Leaves 2015: Week 6

Hello hello hello!!!

Welcome to this week of our festival! The leaves I saw this week were so pretty, I loved them!! Thanks to all the participants this week, you’re great!

(I have to add, looking through the blog it is amazing how many awesome pictures we’ve already collected, this is so much fun, I love it – and I hope you do too!)

Jude (A Pop of Colour)

Roberta (Where Dreams Begin)

Daily Musings (Nature’s Artwork)

Simone (Monday Yellow Mellows)

Traudel (Wild Wine in Alsace)

Julie (A Very Pretty Leaf)

Here’s the winner of this week: Simone! The light in her photo is stunning, so are the colours!

Please include this link in your next post: https://festivalofleaves.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/festival-of-leaves-2015-week-6/

Have a wonderful weekend
x verena

And here are some more colours!!!

week 6


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