Score one for the farmer!

Life After 50

Every year my husband painstakingly grows sunflowers from seed.  I think he may have been a farmer in a former life.

The chances of the sunflowers reaching their full potential, are kind of like winning the lottery.  This has nothing to do with his ability & everything to do with mother nature.

As the little seeds sprout, elaborate, tiny fencing is built out of chicken wire, surrounding the precious seedlings as they are moved outside to soak in the sun & brave the outdoors.

A battle of wills commences.  One between the farmer (my husband) & mother nature, otherwise known as the birds, the squirrels, the chipmunks & the cazillion other creatures who reside in the dirt!

One by one, the tops are eaten, the chipmunks almost mocking us as they prepare their delicious salad of fresh greens from our garden.

This beauty was grown a few years ago, one…

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