Festival of Leaves 2015: Week 4

Hello dear autumn- and photography-lovers!

It is now week four and we start to notice some colour changes. I especially loved the variety of photos this week. From sunflowers to fields of corn, from pumpkins to crisp brown leaves…

But I really really enjoyed this one, it’s the winner of this week: http://sowsweet.me/2015/09/21/festival-of-leaves-2015-week-3/

The colours are wonderful, I love the blur in the background and it shows autumn’s light so beautifully.

A huge thanks to the other participants, you are awesome and sooo talented!!!

Traudel (Wine Leaves), Julie , Joseph, Simone (Yesterday After the Rain), Roberta, Daily Musings, Dawn (Corn Field), Lynn (Score one for the farmer)

Please include this link in your next post: https://festivalofleaves.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/festival-of-leaves-2015-week-4/

I hope you like this photo challenge and if you have suggestions or ideas to improve it/ something else to say about, then please let me know in the comments below. It’s always appreciated!

week 4


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