Festival of Leaves 2015 – Beginning Next Week

My dear friends,
I’m very very happy to announce we are starting another ‘Festival of Leaves’ in one week’s time. By then it is September and I think we can start again. Today was the first time I noticed a change in the light, it gets warmer, the leaves begin to colour slightly, there’s that smell in the air that tells us summer had a great time but will soon go to sleep.

Each friday you can upload photos that celebrate the beauty of leaves and autumn’s colours, (or for the ones living in the southern hemisphere) just green leaves or photos from last autumn…

For the ones who don’t know how to participate, here’s the link to get you started.

Like we did it last year, there will be a winner each week whose picture is featured on top of the front page.

Anything else to say? Let us admire the beauty of nature, the slowly colouring of leaves, the wonderful light autumn brings and see pictures from all over the world. I’m so excited for it!

festival of leaves 2015


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