Festival of Leaves Week 9

And another week is over – for me it was a week of very much learning, I wrote 3 exams  in English, History and today Chemistry…

So I’m always looking forward starting a new week of our festival every friday. It’s my way into the weekend and I love going through all these entries, searching for the most wonderful one and also looking through my pictures which I want to share with you.

This week there were: Jude, Joan, Simone, Roberta and Debbie!!! Thanks so much to you all!!!

And I chose Roberta as the winner for this week. Take a look at her beautiful photo!!!

Finally, here’s my picture for the week, hope you like it!!! (Omg, so many exclamation marks today xD)



10 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves Week 9”

  1. Thank you so very much! Nature provides the beauty and I am always a willing participant to try to capture it. Your photo is lovely! I wish you well on all of your exams…. 😃

    1. Oh that’s no problem 😀
      Yes I did, laying in the wet grass, with rain from above I took this picture, the weather wasn’t that nice the other day…
      I love your pictures, the light is just perfect!!!

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