Festival of Leaves: Week 1

Hello dear friends and photo lovers!

For three-quaters of the year this blog was sleeping.

We (on the northern hemisphere) enjoyed a beautiful warm spring and summer and now it’s the first week leading us to autumn. When I drove home today on my bike, there were leaves on the ground everywhere, although it’s nearly 20 degrees outside. But we want to say goodbye to the summer and start a new festival of leaves for this year!


It would be wonderful if you participated again, and this little challenge is also opened for everyone else, who loves photos.
Well, show us your leaves an let’s enjoy the wonderful time of autumn or for our friends on southern hemisphere, the growing of new leaves in the fresh colours of spring!!!


The rules are very easy. You create a new post with your photo(s). Then you add the link of this post or the one of the week to your post. I’ll get a pingback and will reblog your post on this side.

The challenge is opened from friday to friday, until you see the next post introducing another week … just like last year.

If you want a better desciption just click on ‘how to participate‘.


So let’s get started. Here’s my photo for this week 🙂

Have fun!


festivalweek1_2 festivalweek1


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