Festival of Leaves: Week 10

Hey and welcome to the last week of our ‘Festival of Leaves’. On sunday it’s the first of December and there are no more leaves left on the trees…

But this week you can share you last photos, maybe also in connection with the winter…

A huge thanks to geriatrix, Jude, lumar, Chris, Scrapydo, Jackie, Dawn, Simone, Cee, Bob’s wife, Roos, Karen and Debbie for taking part this week. I really enjoyed your entries!!!

Let’s enjoy this last week of leaves – Maybe there will be a little photo challenge in the next month too… if not – I hope to see you again next year!




15 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves: Week 10”

  1. I’m taking a blogging break until January so I won’t be participating this week or in December. I’m sorry to miss the last week of the festival. I’m happy to see that you are planning to do it again next year! Unless something completely unexpected happens, I will for sure be participating! I’ve enjoyed this challenge immensely – thank you so much for hosting it. xxoo πŸ˜€

    1. I have to thank you for taking part and sharing your beautiful photos! I love them so much and look forward to your blog entries in the next year. Maybe I’ll do a little challenge for seasons or something like that but I don’t know yet.
      Thanks again for your support and your lovely words πŸ˜‰

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