Festival of Leaves: Week 6

A very warm welcome to all the photography and leave lovers of the world!

Today we start the 6th week of our festival and there are already so beautiful entries of you, I love looking through them…

This week our participant were: Cee, The Rider, Jackie, Simone, Dawn, Cassie, Newpillowbook, Public Transit User, Scrapydo, Roos, Jude, Geriatrix

Thanks so much for supporting our challenge!

And now we start the 6th week, I look forward to your photos! 😉





22 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves: Week 6”

  1. Gorgeous capture! That looks like a beautiful place to take a walk. I’m going to have to miss this week because I’m moving to a new apartment. See you next week. xo 😀

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! It’s no problem, that you can’t participate, I’ll see you again next week, I hope! So good luck or whatever to say if someone moves to a new home 😀

  2. That really is a lovely picture. Sorry I missed you last week, I went out but nothing seemed to have changed very much from previous week and inspiration didn’t hit me. Try again tomorrow!

    1. Everything’s alright! You just missed the double points after http, that’s why the link didn’t work. But there was a ping back from your entry on the festival’s site – I got your entry and I’m going to reblogg in a few minutes 😀

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