Sausages Don’t Grow on Trees!

A special tree from Botswana – The Kigelia africana…

Travel with Intent

Ah, but they do in Africa:


If someone said Kigelia africana to you, you would likely have little idea of the appearance of this handsome tree.  Unless you happen to speak  Mozambican Bantu, that is, as kigeli-keia means sausage in Bantu.

It is a striking tree, evergreen if it has a reliable source of water, but deciduous in areas with long dry spells. This particular tree was in the Okavango Delta, so although it was July and  the dry season, the sausage trees were doing well on delta water.  In contrast, most other types of tree in the area had lost the majority of their leaves.

It has shiny, green leaves that form groups of three at the ends of the branches and are 10-20 cm long.

Not surprisingly, however, it is better known for its fruits than its leaves.


These sausage-shaped woody berries are 30-100 cm long and 7.5-18 cm in…

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