Festival of Leaves: Week 2

Hey there! Welcome to the 2nd week of our festival!

Did you have a great week?

I want to thank you so much for taking part last week  I really enjoyed your wonderful entries! They were all so creative and colourful!

Thanks to: Alegna, Sonel, The Rider, Rosa, Aylin, Jackie, Cee, Simone, Milka, Debbie, Chris, Jude and Tamara!

Let’s go for another week of celebrating the beauty of leaves and colours. I look forward to your beautiful entries and wish you a nice weekend!


leaves week 2


16 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves: Week 2”

  1. It is my pleasure to participate! This is a great challenge. Thank you for hosting it and congratulations – your first week went very well I think. I hope to have my entry submitted on Monday. Have a nice weekend! 😀

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words and compliments! There were so many beautiful entries, I really enjoy hosting this challenge! Have a wonderful weekend too

    1. Thanks so much for taking part, I really enjoyed these beautiful shots. Unfortunately I can’t reblogg your entry because it’s a blogspot site and this is wordpress, but I will set a link to your blog on the challenge’s site…
      Have a wonderful weekend and again thank you 😉

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