Festival of Leaves – Week 1

So many great leaves!

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Hello, this week a new challenge has arrived, Festival of Leaves. Of course there are many types of leaves and not just those that reside on trees. Flowers, both cultured and wild have many different type of shape and patterns. But as it is a bit early yet for Autumn leaves here in Southern England yet, so this week instead of colour let’s have a look at different shapes and patterns of leaves.
Now isn’t that a beautiful shape and design. This next picture is regarded as somewhat of a pest and chokes our trees, but is got an interesting leaf design.
Now where did that fly come from. You can see through the fly’s wings an almost translucent effect. This Ivy leaf has no serrated edges.
This leaf starts off with a serrated edge then continues straight. The serrated edge on the bottom of this leaf appears longer than…

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